First of all: I parked my vehicle in a parking spot where there was absolutely no sign on it what so ever that it is reserved for a manager. I went to my vehicle to get something, Chris asked me to move my vehicle to a different parking spot and I asked him what is the difference? He said: this is reserved for the manager. I didn't say anything and I went ahead and I moved my vehicle to a different spot.

Second of all: I went down to the front desk to find out if I can reserve the same room for a second night, no body was in the front desk. After I waited almost four minutes , a gentlman came to ask me if I need help, I asked him if I can reserve the room for a second night, he checked the computer and he said: yes, you can, He went inside, talked to Chris. Chris came out and sat infront of the computer and said: No you can't, You have to check out tomorrow (what kind of a manger will say this statement to customer " You have to check out tomorrow"??!!. There is always a kind word and a disrespectful word In my opinion this is disrespectful statement, and I didn't pay attention to Chris. I went ahead and asked the first gentleman what is that mean? he said there is no rooms available. I turned around and walked out. If Chris is a real manager,he could have said " I am sorry we are all sold out or I am sorry there is no rooms available for tomorrow, or I am sorry we are booked for tomorrow just like any other kind-full respectful manager, not like the way he said it"You have to check out tomorrow"!!!

Third of all: at 9:20 pm the phone in our room ringed. I picked up the phone and it turned out to be Chris. He stated that:he is getting a complain from the room underneath my room that there is a noise coming out of my room. there was absolutely no noise coming out from my room but the only thing that I had my four years old baby running around exited because we just got in, and no matter what you tell a four years old boy stop,he is not going to listen, but eventually he will stop.then I asked him if he can change the room for me to downstairs just to cooperate with him and make him happy. He said there is none available, and then I remember that my room is exactly above the front office, so how could a customer complain if my room is above the front desk. Isn't this a lie?? I asked him what is your name? he said Chris and that when I found out his name was Chris. I didn't know that before. I asked him : do you have anything against me? Did I do anything to you Chris. Did I know you before?He said why? I told him you had been rude to me since the minute I walked in and I asked him is this hotel managed by Wyndham . He says yes what are you going about me to Wyndham? I told him this is between me and them, and then he went ahead and hanged up the phone on me. (to the focus at

Product or Service Mentioned: Knights Inn Room.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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